The Hub at 16 Hospitality – Apprentice Day


​Our latest Rookie day took our budding hospitality staff to Chester city centre where they were given a single paperclip and their only brief was to trade it for something “bigger and better.”


The day began with a series of skills workshops on topics including teambuilding, the importance of customer service and upselling, presented by our very own Tommy Hughes, general manager at The Oyster Catcher. The Rookies were then split into groups of two and challenged to use their selling skills to take a paperclip into Chester and return with an item of better value. The joint winners were Kami Hughes and Bryn Roberts, and Will Jupp and Jenny Ashburne, both teams each returned with an impressive £590 painting. Not too bad when starting with a paperclip!


A huge thank you to Ella Rosinkrans at Nordic Glass who traded with our Rookies to give them paintings that won the competition! We will be auctioning them on our upcoming Rookie Graduation Evening and all proceeds will be going to charity.