Sunday Menu



The following key will help you to identify what ingredients are present in our dishes
C – Celery   Cr – Crustaceans   D – Dairy   F – Fish   E – Eggs   SD – Sulphur Dioxide   G – Gluten   Vg – Suitable for Vegans
S – Soya   MO – Molluscs   P – Peanuts   M – Mustard N – Nuts  G – Gluten   SS – Sesame seeds   V – Suitable for vegetarians


Soup of the day, warm bread and butter £5.95 (G, D, C, can be made GF)

Confit beetroot, goat butter, honey, dill £6.95 (SD, D)

Goat’s cheese bonbon, squash puree, sticky walnuts, beetroot crisp. £6.95 (D, G, N, E, SD)

Crispy calamari, black garlic aioli £6.95 (MO, E, SD, D)

Potted mackerel, horseradish creme fraiche, toasted treacle & sunflower seed sourdough £6.95 (D, F, SD, G, N)

Chicken liver & brandy paté, cobbler ale and date chutney, toasted sourdough £6.95 (D, G, SD can be made GF)

The Partridge Sunday Roast

All our roasts are served with garlic & thyme roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables & buttered greens, slow-cooked red cabbage, homemade Yorkshire pudding, & beef stock gravy (D, SD, G, E, C)

Grass-fed Welsh sirloin of roast beef £16.95

Welsh leg of lamb £16.95

Baked black truffle, mustard, brie & mushroom wellington (M, E, G, D, C, N, SD) £13.00


Tagine, tortilla crisp basket, pomegranate, parsley, coriander couscous £14.95 (VG, G, SD, N)

Crisp Jerusalem artichoke, blood orange, feta salad £12.95 (D, SD)

Beer battered cod, chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce & lemon £14.95 (F, SD, G, D, E, can be made GF)

The Partridge burger, house relish, dill pickle, onion rings, fries, maple & buttermilk slaw £14.95 (G, D, SD, E)

Pan seared salmon, French style pea & chorizo broth, creamed potatoes £16.95 (F, D, M, G, SD)


Twice cooked fat chips (VG) £3.50

Truffle & parmesan fries (D) £4.50

Steamed new season greens (VG) £3.50 

Feta, pomegranate & arugula salad £3.25 (D, SD)

Beer battered onion rings (D, G, SD) £2.95

Blackened tender stem broccoli, Romanesco sauce (VG, SD, N, C) £4.00


Home-made sticky toffee pudding, vanilla ice cream £6.95 (SD, G, E, D)

Rhubarb & ginger crumble tart, vanilla bean custard £5.95 (D, G, E, SD)

Coffee & chocolate delice, salted caramel, walnut £6.95 (E, SD, D, N)

Chocolate pot, dried raspberry, grenadine gel (SD, VG) £5.95

Selection of Buttertons locally made ice cream 3 scoops £6.95 (D, E, G can be made GF)

Partridge cheeseboard, chutney, black pepper oatcakes (D, G, SD, C) £8.95

Hot Drinks

Espresso single or double – £2.55/£3.45
Americano – £2.85
Cappuccino – £2.95
Café Latte – £2.85
Flat white – £2.95
Mocha – £3.20
Hot Chocolate – £3.50
Liqueur coffee – £6.00
Selection of teas & infusions – £2.50

Children’s Menu


Fish fingers, fries, beans £5.95 (F, G, D, E)

Cheeseburger, fries, beans £5.95 (G, D, E)

Chargrilled chicken, fries, garden peas £5.95 (D, G, E)

Mac and cheese, toasted garlic ciabatta £5.95 (G, D, E)

Something Sweet

Chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream £4.95 (G, D, E, SD)

Home-made sticky toffee pudding, custard £4.95 (G, D, E)

Selection of Buttertons locally made ice cream £3.95 (D, E)