Breakfast Menu

The following key will help you to identify what ingredients are present in our dishes
C – Celery   Cr – Crustaceans   D – Dairy   F – Fish   E – Eggs   SD – Sulphur Dioxide   G – Gluten   Vg – Suitable for Vegans
S – Soya   MO – Molluscs   P – Peanuts   N – Nuts  M – Mustard   G – Gluten   SS – Sesame seeds   V – Su

House Viennoiserie

All butter croissant, preserves & English butter £4.50 (E, G, D, SD, V)

Sugared almond croissant £4.50 (E, G, D, SD, N, V)

House choice danish pastry £3.75 (E, G, D, N, SD, V)

Warm buttermilk pancakes, crispy bacon & maple syrup £5.50 (G, E, D, N, SD)

Free Range Egg Dishes

Soft poached hen’s eggs, raw baby spinach salad, sea salt & Yorkshire rapeseed oil £4.50 (E, SD, V)


Classic French omelette…. naked or with cheese, mushroom, tomato or the works £6 (E, D, V)

Ranch eggs…. crispy chorizo, spiced tomato salsa, sour cream, avo & smashed taco £8 (E, D, G, M, SD, C)

Healthy & Plant Forward

The plant ‘Manc’ muffin, grilled mushroom, vegan cheese, crispy hash brown, choice of Houses of Parliament sauce & Ketchup £5.50 (G, VG)

Egg white omelette with fine green herbs £4 (E, V)

Acai bowl, low fat vegan yoghurt, blueberries, bananas, honey & toasted coconut £6 (D, VG)

Smashed avocado on charred sour dough, flaked chilli, sea salt & baby cilantro £(G, E, SD, D, V)

…with soft poached eggs £7.50 (G, E, SD, D, V)


Traditional Breakfast

Creamed porridge oats with banana’s & muscovado sugar £4.50 (SD, D)


The ‘Manc’ muffin, bacon or sausage with melted cheese on toasted English muffin & fried hens egg, choice of Houses of Parliament sauce & Ketchup £5.50 (G, E, D, SD, M)

The Partridge ‘full English’, back bacon, olde English sausage, grilled tomato, field mushroom,

beans, hash brown, black pudding, toast & choice of egg £9.50 (SD, G, M, E, S)


Freshly squeezed orange juice £4

Pressed apple juice £4

Espresso single or double £2.55 / £3.50

Cappuccino £2.95

Flat white £2.95

Americano £2.85

Cafe latte £2.85

Mocha £3.20

Hot Chocolate £3.50

Tea & infusions £2.50

Still or sparkling mineral water large or small £2.75 / £3.75